Makes Lawn Mowing More Efficient

Increase Comfort │ Maximize Speed

It increases efficiency and comfort for those who have to mow an acre or an even larger lawn. The attachment latches up to your self-propelled, walk behind lawn mower so you don’t have to walk or sit on an uncomfortable seat. Our sulkies are designed to work on most push lawn mower brands so you can cut with ease.

The Better Sulky For Walk Behind Mowers

Convert your push lawn mower into a riding mower with The Mower Board™. This innovative two-wheel mower sulky attaches to self-propelled push lawn mowers, turning them into riding lawn mowers. It combines the efficiency and comfort of a riding mower with the health benefits of a standing desk, at a fraction of the cost. Regular riding mowers are bulky to store and costly to maintain. Designed to work on most push lawn mower brands, the Mower Board is easy to store, easy to repair, and easy on your wallet. Cutting your lawn doesn’t have to be a chore!

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Gone are the long days of mowing.

If mowing the lawn is not your favorite chore, a The Mower Board mower sulky might be right for you. This patent-pending mower makes it faster and easier to mow your lawn. It’s actually fun to mow now!
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The Mower Board™ Advantage

Easy to Install

No experience required.

Wide Compatibility

Fits most walking lawn mowers.

Efficient & Comfortable

Saves time and effort.


20x less than the cost of a riding mower.

You don’t have to own a lawn cutting business to own a Mower Board. Engineered to fit almost every push mower, this mower sulky attaches at the base of your lawn mower to help save your knees, your time, and your wallet. The original sulky for non-commercial walking mowers, The Mower Board™ provides a smooth, comfortable ride and increases your productivity on the lawn.

Save Time & Effort With a Walk Behind Lawn Mower Sulky

Mowing a large lawn is tough work – even with a self-propelled lawn mower. Walking behind a push mower in the hot sun is not the most efficient way to mow grass and is impractical on larger properties. The Mower Board™ makes large lawns manageable, even fun. The Mower Board™ mounts to your existing mower, providing you with a stable platform to stand on. Highly functional, The Mower Board’s elegant design forgoes unnecessary features, for maximum efficiency. The two-wheeled platform glides over your lawn as you ride along at ground level for easy mower control operation. Simple and quick to install, the Mower Board helps you get the job done with the best results in the shortest period of time.

Get The Mower Board™

The last mowing accessory you’ll ever need.

Keep your mower, save on labor, and enjoy the ride! Get busy riding, so you can get busy living.
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